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 Rules & Requirements of Applying

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PostSubject: Rules & Requirements of Applying   Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:22 pm

Rules of Applying

  • Do not advertise your Application
  • Do not argue on your Application, Be professional
  • Must have at least 48 Hours Ingame to apply (failing to do so will get your application denied)
  • If you are Demoted or have Resigned from your Staff Position, You must wait at least 21 Days from Demotion/Resignation Date to submit a new Application
  • If your Application is Denied, you mush wait 7 days to make a new Application
  • Make your Application look Acceptable
  • Only Retired Super Admins may jump ranks (To Mod/Admin Only), and must have Retired in the past 30 Days, with permission from Head Admin and Owner


  • Must not hold a Staff Position on Another GMod DarkRP Server
  • Must have at least 48 Hours of Ingame Time
  • Must be Active Ingame. and Forums
  • Must have a good reputation to the majority of the community
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Rules & Requirements of Applying
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