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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:06 pm

Do not Loophole
If you have a problem Ingame, Request a Staff Member Online through "@ (Message)"
General Rules

  • No RDM (Random Killing)
  • No RDA (random Arrest as Gov. Job)
  • No Advertising other servers or websites
  • No Inappropriate names
  • No Politics, Sexism, Racism, Bigotry, Porn, Bad Intent
  • Do not try to escape a ban or Admin Sit
  • No Scamming or Baiting
  • Do not play on the Server without an intent to Roleplay
  • NLR is New Life Rule, You do not remember your past life, and you cannot return to the vicinity you died in, for 3 Minutes

Basic Rules

  • No Meta-gaming
  • No Minging (Intentionally being an Annoyance)
  • No Inappropriate RP, shops
  • Do not Protect anyone that is not in your party, and only Protect Base Members in a Basing Situation
  • Do not Demote People without a good RP Reason
  • Do not Demote with Staff Online, instead report a problem you have

FearRP & FailRP Rules
  • FearRP is RPing according to the element of Fear. this includes Mugging,Kidnapping, etc. anybody with a gun or knife out
  • FailRP is not RPing correctly. Jobs should always follow their set rules.

Kidnap Rules
  • Do not advert Kidnap, but give Ingame Chat Notification, Voice is Allowed, but only as long as you give Chat Notification
  • Max Amount of Bail Money is 25K
  • If you Kidnap the Mayor, the Ransom can be up to 40K
  • You can Kidnap one player per 5 Minutes, but Pirates can only do it 1 time in 20 Minutes
  • The Max amount of time you can hold one person is 15 Minutes
  • Kidnapper Job can hold 2 people at a time
  • To Kidnap the same person twice, you must have an interval of Time of 45 Minutes between the Time you Let them go (Or kill them) the first time, and the time you Kidnap them a 2nd Time
  • Not listening to your Kidnapper is FearRP, you may only run away if there is an open opportunity, (A Cop or Party Member helps you)
  • More on Kidnapping in the "Specific Job Rules" Post


  • Max Mug is 5K
  • Give Ingame Chat Notifications, which include a Price and Time
  • Killing a Player after they give you money is RDM
  • No Running away, unless an opportunity presents itself (Party Member or Cop saves you)
  • No Mugging Pets or Hobos

Raiding Rules
  • No long Distance Raiding, be on the Property of a Base you are Raiding
  • Do not raid a base with a Building Sign
  • Can't change jobs during a Raid
  • PD Raid and Bank raids are the only Crimes you have to Advert
  • Do not Camp a base for the raidables (Drugs, Printers, etc.)inside
  • Wait 20 minutes between Raiding the same base twice
  • PD Raids have to be called Outside of the PD
  • Defenders of a base who have died in a Raid, cannot go back until the Raid is done
  • Police NLR during a PD raid is set to 1 Minute instead of the normal 3 Minutes
  • Raiders can kill anyone inside the base while raiding

Building/Basing Rules
  • You can only own 1 Building at a time
  • No Roof bases
  • You can extend the base to sidewalk or edge of property
  • No fake or hidden entrances, keypads, or buttons
  • You have to have at least 1 entrance into your base, with keypad or button to get in
  • Minimum time to have a fading door opened by a Keypad is 5 Seconds
  • Cannot force players to Jump, Crouch, or Climb to get into your base
  • Shooting windows must be Transparent for Both Parties, and level Height for Both Parties
  • You cannot use Fading Doors without a Button or Keypad in RP Situations
  • You can have a KOS Sign on your property and may KOS people on your Property
  • You may have no more than 3 Keypad Fading Doors for an entrance to your base
  • No more than 2 fading doors to a Vault for Raidables
  • You can Double Stack Fading Doors, but no more
  • There must be enough space for 2 people (Wide and Long) to fit in a space in your base (A 2x2 area to fit in)
  • No Blackout Bases, Invisible props, No-collided props, or Glowing or Flickering materials
  • KOS Lines must be noticeable and easy to see
  • No trap base or Maze Bases
  • Only those listed on the door may defend a base
  • If you own a door, you must own every door in that building
  • You can have an RP Only base, which can't be raided, but cannot have any raidables inside
  • One way props are allowed, but you cannot shoot through them, only view and look through them
  • KOS Signs should be reasonable and fair (No KOS if Looking or Pointing a gun at Base)

Base Laws
These Laws are in affect even if their is no Mayor, The Mayor cannot change these Laws
  • Printers are Illegal
  • Hits are Illegal
  • Threats are Illegal
  • Weapons out near the Mayor or Police is Illegal
  • Murder and Attempt Murder is Illegal
  • Kidnapping, Stealing, Raiding, and Mugging are Illegal
  • Drugs are Illegal by default, Mayor is allowed to change this law
  • No Mega Basing, Any massive bases or Bases that wall off a Part of the map, must be approved by an Admin+

Law Rules
  • No Class/Job Discrimination
  • No Laws that restrict a Players, Speech or Movement
  • Must Advert or Broadcast a Reason for a Lockdown
  • No random Weapon Checks are allowed unless in PD
  • No one is allowed to be "Above the Law"

Police & SWAT Rules

  • No Illegal or Corrupt Activities
  • Police can't raid Banks
  • If the Bank is being Raided, you must go help the bank, and NLR is only 1 Minute
  • Obey the Mayor's Laws
  • No Roadblocks anywhere on the map
  • Police or Mayor cannot own any buildings other than the PD
  • Police must give a Valid reason for a Warrant or a Want

Warrant Rules

Warrant Reasons Include
  • Excessive Shooting in a Building
  • A Wanted Player is Inside
  • Seeing or Hearing Illegal Activities

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Server Rules
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